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Intro To Dance (18 - 23 months)

This is a 30 minute class for kids between the ages of 18-23 months of age.  This class teaches the basics of dance, social skills, and much more.  This class allows kids to interact with other children while in a fun and positive environment.  They will dance with scarves, beanie babies, hula hoops, and more.

Pre-Ballet (2 - 2 1/2 year olds)

This is an introductory class for little ones that are wanting to dance!  Kids will learn rhythm, balance, and the basics of dance; while also exploring the world of dance through imagination and the use of dancing props!


Combination of two styles of dance.  The classic and upbeat style of tap, along with the structured and imaginative form of ballet. This class is offered for dancers between the ages of 3 and 7.


This class is offered for dancers between the ages of 3 and 7.  This class incorporates the hippest and trendiest moves and music. This class is high energy and lots of fun.  Dancers will combine the cool hip hop style with the technique, turns, and leaps of jazz.


This class is upbeat and high energy.  Jazz is a combination of many different styles of dance.  It incorporates technique and flow; as well as, powerful movements.  Leaps, turns, and other jazz moves will be taught.  Through warm-up, across the floor, and combinations, dancers will learn the best and newest jazz movements and steps around.


This class is the foundation for all other styles of dance.  This class incorporates barre work, jumps, turns, leaps, technique, across the floor combinations, and center work.  This class also establishes discipline, posture, and much more.


Upbeat classic!  In tap class dancers will create different rhythmic sounds with their feet; ranging from shuffles, flaps, pullbacks, to wings and other fancy tricks.  This class allows your feet to be happy!


Hip-Hop/Jazz/Cheer Funk/Tumble

This action packed and high moving class is a fusion of hip-hop/jazz and cheer funk/tumbling.  Dancers will learn cheer motions and jumps, along with the basics of tumbling.  Plus the jazz technique and fun hip-hop moves.


The fluid and graceful art form of lyrical is a mix of ballet and jazz technique.  Dances are performed based on the lyrics and the lyrics are felt through the expression of dance.


Hip Hop is the most up and coming style of dance in our society.  This class is open to all students who want to come out and dance.  This street style class promotes current trends and music.  Enjoy the movement while gaining coordination and rhythm. All music and movements used are age appropriate.

Cheer Funk/Tumbling

This class is a combination of cheerleading with dance.  Cheer Funk has the upbeat and funky movements of cheerleading intertwined with the funky movements of dance.  They also get to dance with pom poms!  Dancers learn motions, jumps, tumbling, and much more.


One of the most popular dance styles in North Carolina.  Our clogging classes are a combination of contemporary and traditional clogging steps that emphasize the beats and have enthusiastic footwork.


Pointe 1

This is an introductory class into the world of pointe.  Pointe is the most graceful style of ballet and is known all around the world. This class concentrates on technique and strengthening.  It is important to have strong feet, legs, center, and more before entering into the Pointe 2 class.

Pointe 2

Rise to the top... to the top of the toes!  This class is for the more experienced ballet dancer.  Dancers will continue to grow upon the skills learned in Pointe 1 and continue to explore the world of pointe through strengthening and technique.

Musical Theatre

Broadway baby!  This class combines theatre, dancing, and music.  Act out songs while dancing and singing along.  Music includes Annie, High School Musical, Mary Poppins, and many more theatrical classics.


Learn the basics of gymnastics and tumbling.  Class focuses on building strength and connecting concepts to learn tricks.  Tricks include forward rolls, cartwheels, one handed cartwheels, back walkovers, front walkovers, back handsprings, front handsprings, round offs, and more.  These classes will also use mats, blocks, wedges, octagons, and other tumbling devices.



For information on our competitive teams and competitive classes please contact us.

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