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Monthly tuition rates are calculated by the number of hours/minutes a student takes in a week.  See the price breakdown to the right.  Our yearly program runs mid September through mid May and finishes with an end of year recital.  The tuition payments are not based on a four class per month rate but rather on the annual cost divided into 9 monthly payments.  December and May Tuition will be pro-rated to half since we are closed for breaks and holidays.  We will continue to accept new students up through the month of January.  All registered students are eligible to participate in the end of year recital.  Tuition will not be pro-rated for absences (this includes illness and vacations).  We encourage all of our dancers to attend classes regularly so they don't get behind.




Tuition will be automatically drafted on the 5th of each registered month from the credit card stored on file. Please notify in writing if you wish to cancel or pause your tuition at least 30 days prior to the 5th in order to avoid being charged.  With our auto-pay system, your balances should be paid or processed by the 5th of the month. If in the event that your auto-draft does not process on the 5th, we will contact you regarding the denial. We allow 2 business days to update the card on file without incurring a late fee. After the 10th of the month, a $15 late fee will be applied to the account.  Late fee notices are typically sent via email.  If you have more than one card on file and the primary card payment is declined, the secondary card on the account will be run. You are required to keep a current card on file in your portal. If you prefer a different form of payment (cash, check) your payment must be received prior to the automatic charge date of the 5th.  Please note that all returned checks will be subject to a $25 returned check fee.  If we receive more than two returned checks within the year you will be asked to only pay with cash or credit card for the future.



If you have more than one child that dances with us currently then we can offer you a 10% sibling discount.  If you have three or more children then we can offer you a 15% sibling discount.  To calculate this total add up their individual tuition's separately then add their tuition's together and take your discount off that total.

For Example: Child one takes a 45 minute class at $60/Month and child two takes a 30 minute class at $52/Month.  You all together would pay $60 + $52 = $112 - 10% = $100.80 Per Month Total.


If you are an adult then your monthly tuition is at a discounted rate of only $30.00 a month and for each additional class it's only $20.00.

For example: If you signed up for two adult classes it would just be $50.00 a month!!


Customer Portal

We are now offering you a convenient way to pay through our online portal.  You will need to click on Customer Login and read through the instructions on how to set up your account.  This would be a great way for you to check your balance, see upcoming fees, keep track of your finances, and make one time payments.



Required Additional Fees

Registration Fee 

There is a $20.00 Per Dancer Non-Refundable registration fee due at the time of registration.  If this fee is not paid before your first class then you will not be allowed in the classroom.  In order to reserve your spot in the class this must be paid on time.


Costume Fee

Costumes will be ordered based on your classes.  All classes will receive one costume except the Tap/Ballet classes which will receive two.  This fee can range from $60-$70 and for Tap/Ballet classes it can range from $85-$90.  Costume fees are approximate and are subject to change year to year.  This fee does not include your tights and shoes for recital.


Recital Tights & Shoes

All tights and shoes should be purchased through The DanZe Zone unless otherwise notified to insure uniformity on stage.  Please refer to the dress code section under policies for style and color preferences.


Recital Tickets

Tickets will be sold online through a ticketing company.  Please take note that the recital tickets you purchase are your payment responsibility not the studios.  This is an additional fee that you need to consider if you decide to do our yearly recital.  All accounts must be up to date in order to purchase recital tickets.



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